This is the start of my techie blog

I’ve been working with IBM’s Lotus Domino products for 5 or 6 years now, and am eagerly awaiting the changes in collaboration technology that IBM are pioneering with the Lotus brand of products.

I am stunned at the rapid rate that information has become available and is literally mouse clicks away. I think this is all part of the Web 2.0 revolution, driven by the combined energies of individuals (users, developers, entrepreneurs); companies driving forward ideas and solutions; and pull of the internet – an interface we all use, add to and sometimes struggle to put to good use.

This is not a fanfare to say what this space, though it would be great to have people read, comment and feed of this blog. I can’t pretend to have the expertise, or be as near to coal face as some of well publicised blogs and forums that are already subscribed to, watched and digested. However, perhaps I can add a little to the debate, information overload, and general feel for living at a revolutionary time in technology, which is having an undeniable effect on the methods and manners society uses to relate and communicate.

That’s why I have chosen the blog title as TACTICS (Topics About Collaborative Technologies Influencing Community Synergies)… I have personal fondness for acronyms so there you go. And apart from my technical stance on implementing, developing and using such technologies; I enjoy the satisfaction of placing technology that functions to promote and enhance communication, relationships and human endeavours.

To that end I like the definition of technology found here:
A definition of technology

“Technology is the set of tools both hardware (physical) and software (digital or procedures) that help us act and think better.”&

“Any tool has the potential to remove the tedium and repetition that will allow us to perform that which is most human– thinking, dreaming, and planning.”



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