Boy do things move fast!

I’ve just added the meebo widget to my blogs.. see link

So if I’m logged into meebo and MSN (and any IM client I could choose) and hey presto! I can have IM chats through the blog widget!

It’s free, it’s fast it’s fantastic!

Here’s a link to Meebo

To me this is clear evidence that the consumer is reacting to and driving the technology landscape… people know that anyway. But it’s nice to use something out today just like that!



  1. Charlie,

    Sorry for misusing the comment feature but I couldn’t find an emailaddress on your blog (or didn’t search good enough 😉 ).

    I wanted to ask you if you could change the link to my weblog (peter de Haas’ Weblog).

    I have moved the blog to a different domain : (instead of .com)

    Thanks in advance …

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