Using Windows Live

I know Graham has recently posted some comments on the effectiveness of portals.. , and I agree with his post.

“the failure of the portal was the inability of the portal to get people to information quickly. Rather than using portals, people preferred search”

To often I find myself wondering around corporate portals trying to find the content that is relevant to me.

However, I do use the portal for my personal stuff, it’s a free service and its from Microsoft. They are now beta testing a lot of the services and I’m very impressed.

Previously I had used a MSN as a homepage, and that served as a basic portal…


  • Email
  • Favorites
  • News

Not providing…

  • ease of use – every favorite link would open in the same window!
  • good themes

Now that has been replaced by and it looking to be a great combination of services.

I still get the essentials in one place

  • Clock – big so I see the time!
  • Email
  • Favorites
  • Weather
  • All sorts of stuff on the other pages
  • Contents moved and added on the fly

I also love the fact that the favorites widget, has a search function to it.

The type-ahead allows me to enter in a few key characters, a shortlist appears and I click the link, and that fires up in a new window – lovely!

But Best of all in my mind is the blog feeds.

I have several pages devoted to blog material, categorized in a sensible to the reader – ME!

  • They don’t clog up a RSS client
  • The “more” links use AJAX to expand the topics on the fly.
  • Images associated with the posts are there with the post titles.

Also as an Internet service, it available from any device I choose to access the Internet.

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