Stu’s blog reading conundrum

Stuart has outlined his suggestion for an improved blog reader and aggregator here. Similarly Steve has also recently made his comments known on this issue. Perhaps Stuart should send his feedback back to Nick Bradbury?

Personally my preferences have been outlined here (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to find the bit on blogs).

WordPress and Windows Live both use Ajax type code to allow previewing of elements within the browser, which I find tremendously helpful.

Here’s an example:

WordPress are using Snap, so I can see thumb nail of Graham’s blog article and of course clicking within the thumb nail will launch the article within it’s own window.

Within Window Live the blogs articles can be expanded too.

Unfortunately the menu options aren’t optimised in my opinion.


  • Comment (think Stu would like that)?
  • View Comments


  • Blog this – only with Windows Spaces

I’ll leave some feedback for Windows Live!

Out of interest when people use a RSS aggregator, how long do you keep articles it has subscribed to?

Well that’s my 2 pence.


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