Innovation, Second Life and collaboration arena of tomorrow

Having seen posts from Alan Lepofsky, Irving Wladawsky-Berger and having learned about Croquet from OpenCroquet. Stuart also wrote an article about the impact on virtual meetings Improving virtual meetings.

My feeling is this is something at will immerge as a more prevalent technology within the enterprise in the coming years.

I think the compelling arguments behind this technology are:

  • These software technologies are still maturing.
  • The software is mainly associated with leisure and entertainment.
    • Which I think is a better sector of the market to mature in, and it means those exposed to it are the younger generations – those mainly responsible for the up take of social networking technologies so prevalent today.
    • Which will consequently influence the manner in which they will expect to meet and collaborate virtually within their professional lives.
    • My main examples of this are :
    • Sony’ Home: Home and SL - IBM Audience VII
  • Hardware on workstations/consoles are now capable of rendering such environments with relative ease, and this will continue to get better.

I am not sure how this will manifest itself directly within the enterprise environment, but for the consumer I think more generic exposure will come as businesses recognise the value in a 3-D front of house, or shop.

Retailers are already present within SL, and so are a number of businesses. I don’t think it will be long until the major online outlets also have an active business presence in the virtual worlds. rbk_sl_004 (Reebok)

Imagine the benefit of having a 3D-rendition of a house, designer kitchen, bathroom, landscaped garden to visit and walk through as you ponder the purchase, or the nuances of the design.


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  1. Nice post! My view is that a key area will be the comoditisation of desktop video conferencing. Then in terms of presence information more of us will be using mobile devices and I also feel as well as presence and location awareness we’ll also get a what I’m doing awareness. Am I working, am I not.

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