My Thoughts on Lotusphere Comes to You in Manchester

Stuart has already made several detail posts on the recent LCTY held in Manchester England. Intro&Keynote, Roadmap and Portal Solutions

For me the main highlights were learning more about the Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections applications or perhaps they’re brands?

IBM Lotus Connections

Lotus Connections is IBM’s social networking application for the enterprise.

Whereas Lotus Quickr is the next evolution of Lotus Quickplace into a more integrated and “Web 2.0” orientated version of the team collaboration product.

I was particularly impressed by the Quickr Connectors which is described as the “secret sauce” but really demonstrates the high quality of integration IBM has achieved with the common collaboration tools of email and IM as well as office productivity suites with Lotus Quickr.

Another aspect of the Lotus Quickr portfolio I am really forward to is Lotus Quickr Personal Edition. Mainly as it is an online personal content library, integrated with the Quickr Connectors and I think it will bring added value through its ability share content with others on the discretion of the owner, even when they are offline – as it kept online.

Lotus Connections brings aspects of social networking such as blogs, social book marking, and promotes like minded communities through the use of profiles and activities. I know that Steve mentioned that the activities looks very similar to blogs (but shared). I think he has a point there doesn’t seem to be on the surface much to differentiate between the two. I think the activities are an innovative method of collecting work threads together and IBM has used similar technologies to good effect here to make it more intuitive for users to use. Additional the activity template look like a great way to store repeatable workflows for future use.

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