Domino Next – great things to come!

I know there is a great deal of interest in the advent of Notes and Domino 8, especially since it went into the public beta phase.

But at IBM, the roadmap goes on into the future…

In particular these items really excite me on the possible changes we may see on the server side in the Domino next release.

  • Directory independence (Allow first-class use of Active Directory or LDAP)

This will allow Domino to use user and group information stored within another directory. I believe this will be a major change the landscape in the administration of a Domino environment. No longer will it necessary to undertake the burden of user and group administration within a domino directory which could be a copy of an organization’s enterprise directory.

Instead the Domino directory will become a server configuration database without standard user access.

This could make moving to Domino even easier as the users and groups should already be held within the organization’s chosen directory structure. Admittedly there will need to be some augmentation of directory schema to allow Domino to interface correctly, but that shouldn’t lead to insurmountable problems.

This will probably bring extra options for Single Sign-On, depending on the types of integration that will be available between technologies.

  • Support alternate authentication (Notes ID optional)

This could be very interesting, the Notes ID file has been critical to the Lotus Notes and Domino environment, security, encryption and individuality. How will IBM/Lotus manage these elements without the notes file? Where and how will the public/private key elements of the Notes ID be stored?

These are interesting items to watch as they develop. I hope these will bring an increased openness and accessibility to Lotus Notes and Domino for organizations that view moving to Lotus Notes and Domino as too cumbersome or too much hard work.

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