IBM Lotus Connectors – Dual Notes Client install and other hiccups

It won’t come as a great shock to most people, that with Notes 8 being such a recent release, it isn’t the standard messaging client on most people’s workstations.  More commonly, people will be running another version of Lotus Notes along with the Notes 8 client. In case that’s Lotus Notes 7.0.2

Not surprisingly when I ran the lotus-connections-plugins.msi to install the plug-ins for the Notes client, MS Office applications and Windows Explorer; it choose to install the plugins into the Notes 8 client, which the Windows registry indicates is the primary client.

All the nice print screens that Mitch Cohen mentioned here: Lotus Connections Plug-ins for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer (Part 2) – appeared on the launch of the Notes 8 client.

So what can I do to add them to the Notes 7 client.  Well as Mitch points out “The toolbar icons are all simply calling agents in a database titled Lotus Connections Plug-in for Notes (ilc4ln.nsf)…”

Dual Client Work-Around

Therefore the steps to add the toolbar to the Notes 7 client are:

  • Copy the ilc4ln.nsf “Lotus Connections Plug-in for Notes” database into your Notes 7 client’s data directory
  • Open the Lotus Connections Plug-in for Notes database in designer and run the agent “(ILCInstallStep2)”


  • Click “Ok” and the following screen should pop-up.


  • Copy these files “ndbagent.dll”, “nilc4lnm.dll”, “nilc4lnx.dll” into your Lotus Notes application directory (where nlnotes.exe resides)
  • Edit your Notes.ini to include the line or add “nilc4lnx” to the EXTMGR_ADDINS line to become  “EXTMGR_ADDINS=nilc4lnx”
  • Re-start the Notes client
  • And the toolbar  image  and bookmark folder LCBookmark  will now be available.

Problems trusting hosts within the Notes Client

Once it was running in the Notes 7 client, and  I had setup the preferences. I still had a couple of issues.


First I thought this meant you needed to add the hostname to the Advanced> Java Applet Security section of the location document.

No, from the ‘Cache/HMTL’ view in the Lotus Connections Plug-in for Notes (ilc4ln.nsf)


There is a document added which documents accurately the workaround needed.  Basically you need to import the Internet certificate into Notes.  Instructions as follows:

The remote server is not trusted. Complete the following steps to correct the error:
1. Copy the name of the remote service to your clipboard: <your Lotus Connections host name>
2. From the menu, start the User Security dialog: File->Security->User Security
3. Enter password if prompted
4. Click the tab: Identity Of Others
5. Click the radio button: Find more about people/services
6. Click the button: Retrieve Internet service certificate
7. Paste (or enter) the service name.
8. Choose the desired protocol (example: choose HTTP for web).
9. Click the button: Connect  [you may require a connection document for this to work]
10. Inspect the certificate to determine whether it is trustworthy.
11. To trust the certificate, click the OK button (or click Cancel).
12. Close User Security. If trusting the certificate, try again to load the web page.

After this the Notes Connector should work.

MS Office and Windows Explorer install… seemless.

Windows Explorer:


MS Office Application Toolbar:


Sametime 7.5.1 CF1 and connectors for Lotus Connections 1.0.1

Unfortunately I don’t have a work around for the Sametime plug-in hiccup.  Where the profiles element is incompatible wit the 7.5.1 CF1 client.


Error Message:

Requested operation cannot be performed because it would invalidate the current configuration. See details for more information.
Profiles Business Card Sametime Feature ( requires plug-in “ (”, or compatible.

I’ll see what the web has to offer.

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