The Impact of Social Networks – an explanation and an example

First I came across this linked article in Peter’s Blog: Blogs in Plain English

which in turn linked to Jesse’s blog and Commoncraft

These Commoncraft videos are excellent, simple straight forward and make new technology concepts easier to grasp and understand their relevance.


Commoncraft appear on Youtube and Facebook.

Links to the video in case it doesn’t show…

Social Networking Video – YouTube

Social Networking Video – Commoncraft

Secondly to my own example… I received a note/e-mail in Facebook from a group distribution list.

It lead me to become involved in something I wasn’t aware of to before.


I watched a video cast and read the information available and took an action – I placed my vote.

So in a simple process of

  • information
  • awareness
  • action

social networking has impact my life and the community in which I live.

As a post-script… video technology within the blog and social networking environment is a more than ever a vital medium for communication.


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