XIOS/3 Beta Program

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Can’t exactly remember where I came across the site. But I’m on the beta program.

From the spiel it looks interesting…

“Using XIOS/3, you and your friends can create a group or community and start sharing and real-time collaborate on documents and software development. Collaborating in XIOS/3 with your friends shows the true potential of a networked OS. Thanks for your support.”  

How about this for desktop!  All in a browser window.



For more info:

XIOS/3 demo on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/xcerion
Sign-up page: http://xcerion.com/signup

Unfortunately, apart from the great UI… there isn’t much in the way of applications at the moment. Seems more orientated towards a developer environment, than collaboration platform at present.

However, you can’t deny the potential of a service like this.

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