Lotus Connections and Blackberry

I know there has been a good deal of noise about Apple’s iPhone and the Lotus Notes client.

Lotus and iPhone demo

However, this is also good news.  I’m sure this will be on the back of the mention of closer working between IBM and RIM during the Lotusphere OGS.

social software for business

BlackBerry gets fruity with Lotus | The Register
BlackBerry – BlackBerry Press Releases

Blackberry and  Lotus Connections

At the moment, I’m not sure it will include the Activities features of Lotus Connections only…

“The new BlackBerry Client for Lotus Connections features:

  • Mobile access to Profiles: Users can find internal subject matter experts with an intuitive and flexible search.  Users can consider details about current role, background, and areas of interest to identify internal subject matter experts, and contact them instantly.
  • Mobile access to Dogear: Users can save precious time on research by accessing their colleagues’ “pre-vetted” bookmarks, searching them by tags and adding new bookmarks directly from a BlackBerry smartphone.

I think I’ll welcome the Profiles features, but surely the Activities feature available on a mobile device is more the “Killer App” here!  Where single or multiple activities engage across a number of people in varying locations and connectedness; and still being linked into a collaborative thread of actions “activities” sounds very powerful.


To IBM Lotus & RIM – please don’t forget the Activities part!


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