Exchange and Lotus (again)

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Ok, this debate is nothing new. 

Stumbled upon this using the Terraminds search function for Twitter within the Twhirl client. (Last updated: 09-01- 2008)

Unfortunately… these guys (

“IT Comparison team consist of many IT Professionals who work for
several enterprise firms. Our team has first hand experience with most of
the products compared on this site. ”

…remain to some extent hidden; and this review is one of the few software comparisons  available. 

However, presuming they are who they say:  Then I welcome and the review/opinion of a group of professionals, who should be interested in providing an objective review and remain independent of the vendors.

Also the format is also useful…  providing a rating and comments about certain performance and functionality aspects within the product.

I hope that this site continues to provide this type of output.  I wonder why they feel need this type of site; aren’t there already sites/forums like this available!

Their home page:

However, as their forum uncovers in 5 posts; the sides of this debate are so loyal/stubborn I think it will be hard for an honest objective review to receive that type of acknowledgement from both camps.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for blogging about our site. We would like to thank you for giving an honest opinion about it. Our team work for many different companies and rank between a system administrator to directors. We have noticed when searching for a product reviews on the net all your found is either a comparison from the vendor or one sponsored by them. So we decided to be the first site who is giving a full detailed comparisons based on our review and knowledge of the product. We even took it one step further and put a forum for people to report back their opinion and point to us what we have missed in our reviews.

    Again thanks for blogging about us and keep up the good work.

    ITcomparison Team

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