10 Years On

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It’s not only Google who made it a 10 year milestone in 2008.

Google Ten Years

This October marks the 10th anniversary of the start of my career in IT and my working life.  I’ve only had one employer during that time, though that’s unusual (I think) but for me it’s not been a great surprise.  I may have had one employer but I certainly haven’t had one job.

I started out fresh faced on a graduate intake scheme in 1998, and out the of 60+ or that started that year, there more than a dozen who have also completed 10 years of service.  I think a 20% retention rate over 10 years for graduates is not a bad record.

My roles are actually reasonably well documented in my post on How I got started in Notes so I don’t really need to re-hash that.

Everyone is familiar with the moans and gripes about working in the IT industry, and my time has by means been sheltered from any of those.  And the reality of it is if your work and effort is not appreciated or acknowledge; if people aren’t relating to you as more than a cog than you’re not in the right place and you won’t be happy or satisfied with work.

How fortunate I have been to have had the support and friendship throughout my time and in various roles to  help me learn, develop and to challenge me to keep looking forward.

In particular I know I’m grateful for the  reasonably small core team of colleagues that it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work along side for many of those years. 

Out of all the things that have changed: (this is a short list – much more can be said)

  • where/when we work
  • who you work with, and where they are
  • who you work for, and where they are
  • what tools and techniques you use to do your job
  • how you learn, share and discovery things

The presence of enduring human relationships in the midst of change; is something that I find tremendously valuable.  And you know in the world of IT; actually in the World it is human relationships that count!  The people you work for and with does make all the difference.

I hope the next ten will as good if not better!


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