Using Speech Recognition software

Today I have tried the using speech recognition software, that comes with Windows Vista. 

For the home worker, who is normally working in a quiet and undisturbed environment.  There is the opportunity for the use of voice control software to manipulate and drive the interaction between the user and their device.  This would not be possible in office environment where the background noise and other activities would make speech recognition almost impossible.

Through the use of a microphone and speech recognition software, which comes as part of the accessibility feature set.  Users can train their device software to recognise voice given instruction. While at first there are obvious advantages to controlling and authoring content via speech recognition software, it is a frustrating and tedious task to achieve.

The Advantages:

  • Resting of the hands

The Disadvantages:

  • Poor control
  • Lack of recognised menu options
  • Time to train both users and computer


I hope this improves because this singular advantage has really been noticed, it could alleviate common discomfort and stress related injuries caused by extensive computer use.


This all blog entry was typed through the use of Speech Recognition software.  It was really hard work!



  1. While i love the speech recognition software in Vista, i dont use it to drive windows itself with commands. I use it only when i need to type up large documents for which it seems to be fine. I find it a little difficult to get used to for ordinary commands.

    That said, i am in fact in a lone office, and dont have noise issues, so dont have any hesitation using speech recognition, but you do strike a valid point regarding the office environment which of course is the real reason this didnt take off.

    1. Good point about using it to construct or enter text into a single document. I think the command management is a little buggy as other comments have pointed.

      I find even in a ‘lone/home’ office environment – I would prefer to type and listen to music rather than talk at the PC. 🙂 Will be interesting to see how this turns out for Windows 7.

      Thanks for commenting.

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