Using for selective updates

With the growth of near real-time content becoming prolifically available and therefore harder to be selective about the content that is contextually relevant to yourself.  I have found the use of a useful tool to help the filtering and parsing of flow of information around me.

The essence of is pretty simple feed it an RSS/Atom feed (add some filters if required – very useful for verbose streams), select your preferred notification method (instant messenger, mobile phone, email, desktop or web)  and then sit back and wait.

So far I’ve preferred to receive updates via the IM option.  I’ve not used the conversational AI IM bots, but find the those that provide news and other information to user via the IM clients as particular useful.  Especially as IM clients are so pervasive, desktops apps, browser based plugins, and mobile applications – you never far from IM connectivity!

My Alerts

These are the useful alerts I using for so far:

  • My Twitter (mentions/replies/@’s) as it can sometimes get lost in your tweet stream, and I want to remain responsive and aware of them as and when one is posted. For me this added dimension bring an element of the IM conversation to Twitter in a simple easy to use manner.

Otherwise the applications I’ve used are sports based…

  • Tracking the BBC Sport web site football feed for Manchester United related news
  • I’m also trying out a Twitter feed for the wickets and scores related to the Ashes – not a ball by ball account, but important score line updates.

In all these cases the filtering mechanism has come into play, as the feeds I’m using are more verbose that the content I want to be delivered, and so the filtering options for are very handy.

Is anyone else using it?


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