Taking part @ E2.0 Summit – Best Practices on Collaboration 2.0

I’m thrilled to be able to say… I’ll be more than just an attendee in Frankfurt on Nov 10-12 for the E2.0 Summit.

The event is about how corporations have to change to be more productive as well as innovative and competitive for their markets by the use of social software. With the presentation of European and international best-practices coupled with a gathering of the international expert’s community the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is helping participants in gaining new ideas and inspiration for their projects as well as learning about the real-life opportunities and challenges.

This is certainly one of if not THE premier summit on the topic of Enterprise 2.0 in Europe this autumn.

I’ll be joining my esteemed colleagues: Simon Scullion and Alexander Schellong in presenting a case study on

Best-Practices on Collaboration 2.0

Improvement in collaboration is a clear objective for Enterprise 2.0. Different best-practice presentations demonstrate how the effectiveness and efficiency of internal collaboration can be increased by social applications such as internal social networks and socially-enhanced portal solutions.

Our panel will be discussing the best practices and strategies we used to help foster the adoption of C3 our social collaboration platform. You may even catch a glimpse of  Mark Masterson too! 🙂

For more about see C3 see these posts by Claire Flanagan

CSC Announces “C3: Connect | Communicate | Collaborate.”

CSC’s C3 Reaches Milestone In User Registrations

In fact as testament to Claire’s hard work and the enthusiasm and energy of the rest of the advocacy team Jive awarded CSC the “Community Adoption” award at the recent Jiveworld ‘09 event.


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