More granular view of Blackberry upgrade process – and some feedback writing on the tablet too (part of)

On using hand writing on the tablet.
I’m trying out this tablet interface while I travel back home on the train,
by writing the blog post with the digitizer pen.

While it’s quite slow in comparison to my type speed, I think practise
will see that improve. Or perhaps not, it takes a lot of micro management
of the pen to produce the degree of accuracy required.

On doing the Blackberry upgrade.

I’ve recently done an upgrade of my blackberry handset software.
Previously, this had to be done with a degree of trust, and felt you were
flying blind through the process. This time I have to report, the steps
are made Visible to a much greater depth.

[Ok, got fed up of writing with the pen here!, it’s a nice interface but
too fiddly. Perhaps I need more patience!]

The desktop manager version (5.0.1) is much improved in offering the
following view of the process.

You need to tick “show details” to display this level of information, so
you can see less if that suits.

Having visibility of completed and current step status is very reassuring.
Letting you exactly where you are up to with the process.

I especially like the warning about the very long individual steps

Certainly in the future I’ll have a more confident approach to the upgrade
process. Compared to just seeing an almost static progress bar on the
desktop, and just an endlessly rotating egg-timer on the device itself –
don’t you just hate that!

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