Helpful tool for Applications that don’t use Windows 7 Jump Lists

Since I’ve been using Windows 7, one of the best usability features I’ve come across is the Jump List feature which allows enabled applications (native to Microsoft Office etc.) to display two things:

  • A list of recently used files with that application (e.g. recent Word Docs)
  • Pin favourite files into the Jump List  to quickly access important files


Learn more: Using Jump Lists

This does produce a real efficiency change in the manner in which I work with files, web sites, pictures or videos etc. So much so that I actively remove applications that currently don’t support Jump Lists from the application list on the start bar.

Applications that I’m using that don’t currently support Jump Lists:

Kudos to GoogleGoogle Chrome does support them.

So what can you do with important applications that you use but don’t have Jump List support, and having them on start bar menu, could replace a launch icon for an application that does?

Well, there is a helpful utility which allows you to build a custom set of application launch short cuts into a single Jump List.

Hedgehog’s Jumplist Launcher

(video via hedgehog)

So now I have configured the Jumplist launcher to allow me to launch this list of applications from the start bar or the task bar, quickly but without upsetting the list of applications stored on the start bar which do support Jump Lists.


It does not replace my wish for those software vendors to produce a version that does include support for Windows 7 Jump Lists.  But it does help me stay more productive or at least more efficient in finding and starting key applications and maximising the capacity to use Jump List enabled applications.

So thanks to Hedgehog for this useful tool! 🙂



  1. Great post on this new feature of Windows 7. I just want to share with you that Mindjet MindManager 8 is fully compatible with Windows 7. We worked closely as a Microsoft partner to make sure MindManager 8 had all the new features for Windows 7. For disclosure, and you can probably guess, I do work for Mindjet.

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