A curious case of misplaced context and content

From Evernote:

A curious case of misplaced context and content

Today I received a picture postcard advertising the AIIM Roadshow in UK for 2010.

Now the event takes place in Glasgow, Bolton (Lancashire), Birmingham and London from 14-17 June.

However, the following pictures were associated with each location.  Hmmm do you see why I said Bolton (Lancashire)!

The image they’ve used for Bolton is actually  – Bolton Abbey, (near Skipton) in Wharfedale Yorkshire.  Which is some of the most beautiful countryside England has to offer and approximately 55 miles west of the event location.

Somehow I don’t imagine I’ll see quite such gorgeous vistas at the Reebok Stadium, in Bolton Lancs.  No disrespect to the views on Rivington Pike mind.

Of course, this mistake of confusing Bolton Lancs and Bolton Abbey isn’t the last time it will happen.  But perhaps it should serve to remind us, that understanding and placing and content with context is very important.  Perhaps they wished to continue to the waterway theme through each picture?  I would agree that the River Croal may not give the most picturesque images of Bolton!

Rest assured those using the AIIM Roadshow  website will receive the correct directions to the Reebok Stadium, in Bolton Lancs!

[Disclaimer: This post is no way intended to slur the name or work that AIIM do. I firmly believe that they make a highly valuable and effective contribution to the IT industry]




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