OpenNTF FileNavigator is great! – Why didn’t I know about it before!?

However, I had mentioned in passing using Evernote with Lotus Notes in the last couple of days.

As far I know if someone done something with Lotus Notes as a development project the place to look is (which is looking great a Domino web app!) So my searches for “evernote” didn’t reveal any results.  So I checked the most popular downloaded projects. (Of course you do, if good and free it will be there)

I was drawn to File Navigator – since I’ve been using the sidebar in the full version of Lotus Notes, the missing item has been direct interaction with OS file system. And now it’s available! 🙂  Of course, Lotus Notes has supported drag and drop across folder windows on to notes documents to add attachments.  But File Navigator is great because it’s there in side bar… so much better!

(sample screenshot)

So now it sits in my sidebar with my Sametime contacts and calendar, and I don’t need to move to OS folders to interact with the documents I’m sending or receiving.

How easy was it to install? Super simple…

The File Navigator catalog page (with the screenshot) has an icon on the top right like this:

You simply bring up the “My Widgets” sidebar area:  (update your preferences if required)

Then drag the icon to the sidebar panel… it downloads in the background, you accept the install and restart Lotus Notes.(then you can hide away “My Widgets” sidebar via your view menu options).

You need to be running Lotus Notes 8.5x in the standard (using eclipse).


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