Cool Spotify track controls in Windows 7 preview mode and jumplist features added

Spotify is a ace music service,  and the recent Windows 7 client update has really improved my user experience.

They’ve included track controls and right-click jump list integration with recent tracks and playlists – which are pinable (if that’s a word!)

preview controls

jump list controls

How cool is that 🙂
For more info on Windows 7 jump lists and desktop preview see:
Windows 7 jump lists
Windows 7 desktop preview
and my blog post on the topic and tips on useful workarounds:
Hints on windows 7 jump lists

A small patch release on the client (circa 5/10/10) has fixed the preview controls disappearing after minimizing the client to the icon tray.
Also no start menu jump list at the moment.
Spotify also supports Function Key + ‘media control’ keys on Windows.  Click here for more short cut keys info.


1 Comment

  1. Oooh. Nice I never noticed that. TBH I have been catching up some Floyd pod-casts since upgrading to W7, but will check it out next week.


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