An early intro to Google Cloud Print (giving it a try)

Today I noticed an interesting feature buried at the bottom of the Google Chrome “under the bonnet” options.

which results in:

(screen clip of the Google demo account)

Google Cloud Print is a beta service

Google talks about it as :

“Google Cloud Print makes printing more intuitive, accessible and useful, by allowing you to print to your printers from Google Cloud Print enabled apps on any computer or smart phone.”

It also talks about using:

“To connect your printer to Google Cloud Print, you will need to install the latest beta version of Google Chrome on a Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 computer that’s connected to your printer. Once installed, enable the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome.”

However, I enabled Google Cloud Print using the current stable version of Chrome : 9.0.597.94

This was the Test Page that came out as a result…

The Google Cloud Print (parts of the) Printer management  interface looks like:

There’s a lot more to come as Google answers to the following shows:

Where can I print from?

We’re working hard to provide Google Cloud Print integration with many Google products and services, the first of which will be Chrome OS.

Can I share my printer?

We’re working on tools that will let you share and control access to your printer as easily as you can share files in Google Docs. For now, printers are only accessible to the account that connected them to Google Cloud Print.

So I look forward to using handhelds such as smartphones and tablets devices to be able to send print jobs to your own printer, well from virtually anywhere.

And with shared devices (amongst friends, family, colleagues) you could send material to particular people or a particular location, again from about virtually anywhere.

I think there should be an authorisation|approval step for prints sent to your device from those it is shared with, otherwise you could easily get printer spam, which would be similar to fax message spam.

But overall this is great stuff, so bonus points to Google! 🙂


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