A comfortable mouse – it’s in your own hands!

Interface technology has been revolutionized through Apple’s product and UI design approach, and the introduction of mass consumer devices such as the Apple ipod, iphone and ipad. (other tablets and smartphones are available)

However, the humble computer mouse still remains (at least for now & probably for a while yet) an important accessory to make computers functional and responsive.

I recently found that I while had a very good, functionally accurate and light mouse, it wasn’t comfortable for extended times of use.  I knew that having a comfortable and supportive mouse, was very important keeping my hand as stress and strain free as possible.


Find out more : Speedlink Bluetooth mouse

Therefore I consigned this small light, rechargeable blue-tooth mouse as my travel and mobile working mouse.  I like that fact this mouse doesn’t need additional USB connection parts to provide wireless connectivity, or spare batteries.  I always travel with it and a USB cable so it is reliable in performance and function when I’m on the road, or actually in the office (as I WFH so much).

For my home mouse, the ergonomic design and comfort factor in the hand was of prime importance to me.

In fact, I need a premium mouse, as I am very dependent on the well being of my hand (the right in particular) so that I can perform my job.

The short list came down a couple of Logitech & a Microsoft products. 

Logitech MX Air Mouse

Logitech Performance Mouse MX

Microsoft Arc Mouse

My research incorporated looking on the vendors web sites, reading Amazon reviews and watching reviews on Youtube.  (consumer research | reviews | social media) As the tool had to be physically comfortable and testing was a necessity, I also spent some time in PCWorld holding and testing these devices, the web is great for getting a really good sense of how reliable or well things perform. But there is still nothing better than a "hands on" experience for some things.

In the end,  I chose the Logitech MX Air Mouse

While at first it doesn’t look like the best mouse to support the hand, it is in fact very comfortable to hold and use. The long length of the device is excellent for letting the hand take an almost at rest form and still operate the mouse.  It also looks as if is mainly design for off the surface control and interaction.  In fact is can and does perform off the surface very adequately. However, my main activities focus on content creation rather than consumption and therefore I don’t really need the surface free functionality.  The best part of the design for me, is the touch sensitive scroll panel, with the "free |fast spin" mode that the mouse supports.  As the middle scroll panel is flush with the rest of the mouse surface, you get none of the aggravation common with wheel based mouse scrolling.  In fact in writing this blog post, I’m reminded of features I don’t regularly use (audio playback and volume control).

Here’s a quick promo video about the Logitech MX Air Mouse.


Interestingly Microsoft are now bringing out the “Touch Mouse” :-


While it will have multi-touch functionality and looks very comparable to the Logitech MX Air Mouse.  I think I’ll stick with the Logitech MX Air for now. 

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