A short personal anecdote for why Social CRM matters!

Attribution : esthervargasc

Wikipedia defines Social CRM as

Social CRM is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organisations to engage with their customers.”

From Paul Greenberg:

CRM is a philosophy & a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes & social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business environment. It’s the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.”

My Story:

I’ve often discussed the need for personal data (photos, music, videos) protection services  with my colleagues, most frequently across Twitter.  We have a varying set of philosophies or tactics to meet our personal requirements and circumstances. However, I always find it a refreshing discussion to get updates on best practices or new product discoveries as we exchange techniques and recommendations.

What was remarkable about the last discussion was the personal invitation from one of the vendors discussed to find out more about their products and services.


It was great to see them reach out to me, for simply having mentioned “crashplan” in a previous tweet of mine.

I thought it was right to response with a commendation:

@crashplan no not at the moment thanks, appreciate the contact though – kudos for customer service :-)”

So the conversation was short, and this time they didn’t get a sale. 

However, as a potential customer for the future, their interaction at this juncture – striking while the discussion with colleagues was still fresh and relevant to myself achieving 3 important things:

  1. I was impressed at their customer service support, they demonstrated customer and “potential” customer opinions matter and their awareness that a brand is always dependant on customer perception.
  2. They have active brand advocates amongst my peers, and their experiences and recommendations are the ones I trust most.
  3. They capitalised their opportunity to impress upon me as a consumer the professionalism of their product and services.

So my question to you is:

What are you doing to understand the sentiment and mood of your customer base, and more importantly are you using opportunities of brand advocacy to reach out to potential clients?

Once again Kudos to Crashplan for understanding Social CRM and getting it right!

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