Make Reading on the Web that much Clearer!


Evernote recently launched a new Google Chrome Extension called “Clearly” to help clear away the clutter when reading web pages in the browser.

Get the extension for Chrome here

I think it works really well.

See how the previous article in this blog looks : (left tab = ordinary page | right tab = “clearly” page)


It’s great for removing unwanted clutter (columns, ads, banners) and helping you concentrate on the text and content of the main article.

The interface allows you to clip into Evernote, but it’s not as functional as the main “Clip to Evernote” extension at the moment. (would expect that to improve).

I would recommend customizing the keyboard shortcut to activate in an easily remembered key stroke.  [esc] key returns you to the original page format.


My other recommendation for consuming content in the web browser is to use Feedly  (as well as many mobile platforms)

Simply surfacing and syncing your content and from Google Reader in an amazingly streamlined and gorgeous magazine format.


There’s no reason to complain about poorly formatted or over cluttered web pages that spoil your reading experience on the web, the tools are out there, just find one that suits you!

(other services are available)


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