Minor Milestone – 100th Blog Post

This is the 100th post on the TACTICS blog!

The Journey so far…

I first entered the world of blogging on 18th of July 2006, with this post “Welcome” encouraged by the activities of friends and colleagues (their comments are there for all to see) and the growing use of RSS feed readers as a method of pulling in content of relevance and interest.  Gosh, looking back the Internet of 2006 seemed a lot less complex, a lot less frantic activity…. the days of silo’d discussion forums (good ol’ PHPbb) and following blogs and using feed readers.

Remember using bloglines!

(taken from “How to use Bloglines” circa Feb 2006)

Now in 2012 I’m writing the 100th post on this blog.  Things have changed considerably in these last 5 | 6 years.

Web 1.0 is gone, Web 2.0 is here in force and holding sway to such an extend that society, economies and the way people communicate and share has been all been impacted.

Not that so many things have “died a death”, but many stronger alternatives have arisen to take their place, and lead to a greater impact on society.

People will refer to MySpace, Nokia, RIM (Blackberry), Yahoo  no being longer the dominant force or the internet “Poster Child” they once were or “promised” to be.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, hash tagGoogle and  Twitter are well understood household names and terms, and is supported by the various verbage or modern twists on common words has come into play to refer to participating in these new services.

This evolution has so transformed modern media, that icons for referencing or sharing via various social networks appears on every page, and across almost all TV programmes.

I have tried in some way documented my own journey and observations through this change via this blog.

Site Statistics so far…

So the 100th post can’t go by without some statistics!

To date the blog has clocked 22,650 (or so) views, the busiest day being 5th July 2011 with just under 100 page views mainly for the post –  My first thoughts on Google+ (Jul 2011)

Top 10 Posts :-


Top Post Links :-

Keeping it in sync with Blackberry – Google Sync for Lotus Notes (Mar’ 2009)

Facebook an example in social and contextual networking  (Jul’ 2007)

Microsoft Windows 7 keynote Insight client event Manchester (Sep’ 2009)

I’m sure the use of “popular word or terms” in the titles has helped keep these posts popular.

Annual Publishing :-

(the most frequent publishing months highlighted)






19 (January – 5)


19 (January – 7)




17 (July – 6)




3 so far…

Averaging 16 posts per year (2006-2011)

What Next…

Well I am going to keep blogging,  the ideas are logged, the time to post will get made some how, some where.   So my thanks for dropping by and taking an interest, I hope you have benefited from this blog in some way.

Remember to Enjoy the Journey….keep thinking, dreaming, and planning! 

(a reference to the summary in the “WelcomeSmile )


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