A couple of services of note that I miss…

As Google Chrome browser user, the extension set is very important to me.   In fact the browser is no longer a single function application (it hasn’t been like this for a long time).  Most browsers are equivalents of a smart phone on the laptop or desktop computer,  the browser is a services platform – extensions, plugins, add-ons (whatever the word chosen) – these are all apps – just like in the Apple App store.

So when the Apture Highlights extension was no longer available due to acquisition from Google (which isn’t a bad thing) –  I didn’t realise how much I would miss it’s functionality.  I frequently find myself highlighting text and pressing right click to bring up additional context | meaning.  FastestChrome is a good all round extension that does bring some context | definition| search capability around text highlighting – but nothing as good as Apture  (as this video shows)

Apture Highlights Extension Demo

Some background articles on Apture via TechCrunch:

I am excited about the Apture integration with Google Chrome  – in fact I’m impatient about the functionality returning soon!

The 2nd service that is no more is Notify.me  which – “allows users to create a list of RSS feeds they’d like to monitor for a set of specific keywords. Whenever one of these keywords appears in a story, Notify.me can alert them through SMS, Email, instant message, or through a desktop application.”  (Notify.me Offers Instant Updates On Your Favourite Topics Across The Web)

Here is an old demo video : http://vimeo.com/1943541

Unfortunately, there was no sustainable business model (Notify.me closing shop oct 4th).  So as a consumer looking for (and used to getting) free services, it comes as no surprise to see things close down, in the rapidly moving world of the web, change is ever present!

However, at least there were a couple of replacement services suggested.

“If you don’t use chrome or want a more broad replacement. Take a look at iftttIf-This-Than-That” it is closer to a Notify.me replacement offering quite a bit a new interesting functionality.”

In fact I’ve really enjoyed using ifttt and find it more than adequate replacement service.

Here’s a good introductory video on ifttt

ifttt Tutorial

How have you adapted your add-ons or extension set in your browser?

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