How being a regular Home Worker has reduced my commuting carbon footprint

Over the last few years I’ve been increasingly home based for work.  This has happened because of well understood reasons :-

  • Increase of geographically distributed teams and working communities
  • Improvement of technology in broadband and mobility services – both corporately and domestically to enable home working

Though this has increased the use of domestic energy use – heating and electric consumption to facilitate this transition, the overall net benefit has been in my favour. 

Achieved through reducing the time and cost of regular commuting  into work.

In an effort to chart the trend I’ve used Dopplr (via TripIt nowadays) to keep a track of work related journeys. 

This is my Dopplr Profile Header


So on the face of it 31000 km in 4 years doesn’t sound insignificant.  But as I said before the interesting part is in the trends.

In that time I’ve recorded 120 trips that have been Carbon rated – Dopplr receives carbon footprint calculation via AMEE  (at least I think they still do)

Carbon consumption per Year:

2008 – 43 Trips – 2186 Kgs (including Flight to Boston Ma. to attend Enterprise 2.0 Conference in June 2008 – 1159Kg)

2009 – 35 Trips – 1200 Kgs

2010 –  26 Trips – 670 Kgs

2011 – 18 Trips – 359 Kgs

2012 – 9 Trips  – 117 Kgs

In Graphical Format :



Obviously 2012 is still very much in progress at the time of posting, so I expect 2011 to turn out to the lowest overall to date, and there will be an increase in 2012.

But the ability to be a home based  worker is a great boon, especially in the light of the recent panic buying of fuel.


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