Now actively using Amazon Glacier


I’ve written a couple of times about the recently released AWS service AWS Glacier:

While I reflected on some Enterprise based use and benefits. However, my personal interest lies in using AWS Glacier for providing long archival storage for personal data (photos, videos, and music).

Now that AWS S3 integration with AWS Glacier is available (see announcement),  and that Synology NAS natively support back up to AWS S3 (see feature description).

So I’ve been testing the AWS Glacier vault integration with the storage buckets I have in AWS S3.

The AWS S3 Test folder linked to AWS Glacier  has the following common software binaries:


Notes from AWS S3 documentation:

Therefore you don’t need to connect|link AWS S3 to AWS Glacier vaults yourself.

I’ve used the following transition rule:


I’ve been able to confirm the following events work seamlessly:

  • Items with ‘Storage Class – Glacier’ are not overwritten | re-copied by the scheduled back up process to the S3 bucket.
  • Deleting items – delete in the S3 bucket and the Glacier vault.
  • Overwriting a file (same filename), re-creates it in the S3 bucket, and then it is transitioned to Glacier as per the rule sets.
  • The Prefix setting needs to use the full directory | folder structure in the target S3 bucket to the location of the target files.

I will now start transitioning my other S3 bucket stores from AWS S3 – RRS to AWS Glacier.  I will track the charges and costs of storage and data transfer as this process goes forward, I do anticipate a spike in data transfer costs for the bulk migration of content from AWS S3 – RRS to AWS Glacier

Are you thinking of using the AWS Glacier service?


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