Evernote’s Web Clipper Update

Evernote introduced another to their Web Clipper product. (v6.0) – the initial release available for Google Chrome


Here’s the introductory video:

Evernote Webclipper for Chrome

The Web Clipper is one of the best features of the Evernote product set.  For me it’s key for collecting and saving web content into my Evernote.


Interestingly this particular update includes several features I associate with Evernote Clearly, another Evernote product I like and have posted about previously (link).

      • “Simplified (NEW): We brought in features from our Clearly extension to strip the page of all distractions for easy reading and clean clipping.”

It’s also integrated elements from Evernote Skitch too:

      • “We’re bringing features from our Skitch app right into the Web Clipper to let you overlay shapes, arrows and text on top of the page you’re viewing.”

I think these integrations with the other products are a good step forward.   Many of comments on the Evernote blog post – offer similar sentiments, and indeed talk about removing the need for Evernote Clearly extension at all.  To be honest I would welcome that too, it seems to me Evernote are positioning themselves to have a single integrated browser extension.

What do you think – 1 single web browser extension or keep them separate?



  1. I haven’t decided whether I’m a fan yet.

    I liked the old extension because it was so simple. The new one died the first couple of times I tried to use it in Chrome. But I have successfully clipped an article or two and it seems quite nicely done.

    One of the challenges with the old clipper was comment threads at the end of posts, you’d always get all of them. I haven’t done much testing, but the new one seems to do a much better job of giving the article without the comment.

  2. I’ve not tried it too much (so new) still…
    I generally find a few extensions are flaky (crash regularly) in this recent release of Chrome… so I guess there’s a learning curve with the underlying extension APIs.

    I guess the trick in merging | adding features, is making them work with messing up the straight forward nature of a single feature product.

    I think it will take a little getting used to..

    Quick to the comment BTW 🙂

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