My set up for a height adjustable working environment

That in many professions, workers use a posture that is primarily sedentary has become a regular topic in the medical and professional publications. These highlight the risks and dangers that come about consequence of having a primarily sedentary occupation.
This led me to research options about changing my own home study/office area to be more flexible in this respect.
I no longer wanted to be limited to a single option:-
  • only seated
  • only standing
I wanted the ability to change the height of my workstation, which meant the additional monitor which provides me with dual monitor setup, had to be height adjustable too.  It also meant any cables, power and connection, would need to be able to accommodate any changes in height or action as a consequence of re-positioning either the workstation, the monitor or both.
The most adaptable and flexible solutions, are based around motorised height adjustable work tops.  Typically having some sort of switch/rocker in a convenient location to let you raise and lower your work surface.  However, most of these are cost prohibitive. And even though IKEA provides a solution in the UK, for many years this wasn’t available.

The Solution:

What I eventually arrived at, uses the following items of furniture and office equipment.
The Desk: IKEA – Galant (Bekant) Beech (IKEA now have height-adjustable version : Bekant – but I didn’t get that)
This desk has a curved aspect which fits well with my requirements for an additional monitor, space for the laptop, printer and general auxiliary workspace.
Height adjustable and flexible monitor stand by AllcamGSD110D (Monitor Arm)
Additional Height Adjustment components:

Here is the desktop set for standing height, seated desk and showing the height adjustable mechanisms:

Standing Desk - Standing Set-1
Standing Desk – Standing Set-1
Standing Desk - Standing Set -2
Standing Desk – Standing Set -2
Standing Desk - Seating Set
Standing Desk – Seating Set
Standing Desk - Adjustable Mechanisms
Standing Desk – Adjustable Mechanisms

So how is it working out?

Since I’ve had this setup, I’ve been working roughly half the day, with the standing set up and the rest of the day in a seated position. Generally standing at the desk in the morning, and moving to the seated position just before or just after lunch time. What I am particularly pleased about, is the laptop stand and height adjustable monitor arm. The gas sprung monitor arm, is very stable, yet very easy to move and adjust.  Equally easy is the laptop stand, I just use two positions, so moving between the two and tidying it away behind the monitor is straight forward.

So what about you, do you have a height adjustable desk setup at home?


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