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Blackberry Maintenance (wipe & restore)

As a follow on to my recent post, I’d thought I post my thoughts on what I’ve discovered about keeping these devices (small computers after all) in good working order.

Handy maintenance tips

This post from BBGeeks is a great start point:

8 ways to trim the fat from your Blackberry

Some of the less obvious or well known which may deliver a good return on the performance are:

  • Delete your Event Logs
  • Use the BlackBerry Memory Cleaner 

However, if things get really bad you may need a more comprehensive option… wipe the device and restore.

Blackberry Wipe and Restore

This is a fairly well documented process and I followed the step by step outlined here:

How do I wipe the BlackBerry using Jl Cmder from BlackberryFAQ

The stuff about Java Loader Cmder can be a little tricky, especially on an x64 system so I also found this post useful.

Javaloader doesnt run on x64

I also changed the choice application (it’s a 16 bit app from the install) with the 32 bit one from the system root.. (Windows\system32)

This is a screen shot of the DOS interface warning before the wipe! 🙂


Using the Javaloader interface was rather clunky, and sometimes the connections were flaky, it may be useful to have another laptop or machine to run it that doesn’t have an internal USB hub.  Or you could run the commands via the command line see – here.

I also found that I could wipe and install with the battery still in the device, rather than removed.

Unfortunately, unlike an OS upgrade upon the rebuild I wasn’t able to restore the applications I had been using previously.  This I had to do manually, which where possible I did via Blackberry App World, however, it is another consideration to take into account when contemplating a full wipe.

What I will try and investigate and post about in due course is the BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) – it could make all this a lot easier.



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Blog from a Blackberry

Ok, it just had to be done. For curiousity sake more than anything else.

I’m quite impressed by the mobile interface, it sparse but functional. Obviously light weight but delivers all the aspects for blog creation and management, the richer browser cousins do – even down to the stats.

Only in the graphics and images does medium show its limitations.

While it will never be my blog client of choice, I will be happy to use to incubate ideas for posts, or add quick items when the use of a richer interface is unavailable.

Also it’s typing practise for me!


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