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Jive Anywhere – a social browser extension from Jivesoftware

Jive released a browser extension today : “Jive Anywhere” (article via Techcrunch) also see “Jive Anywhere: socializing the web.”

In the print screen examples below you can see how the extension expands out from any browser tab to show the discussion and content in your community related to that page.


This print screen shows the expanded discussion thread taking place.


When it’s not required it can be easily tucked away onto the right hand scroll bar, like so.


I have to agree with other commentators like Alan Lepofsky who write :

“I don’t say this often, but Jive Anywhere has the potential to be one of those rare “game changing” technologies with respect to the way people work.”

In his article “Jives Latest Release Takes Integration To 11

I think of this tool in the following way:

In the world of the hunter|gatherer, the foraging for knowledge by the information worker, this is now a must have tool!  Jive Anywhere brings the community to bear and support that virtual roamer, and allow them to return the goods into the heart of community – the people and context that matter in an instant.  At its best reducing the time to action and response, but in simple terms helping people stay in touch and up to date.

This pervasive availability of connectedness into your core community, to garner and share knowledge in this way is a real step change.  Especially with the support of context “cartridges” for particular sites or service providers. (e.g.

I liken this to the evolution of browsers that brought social network connectivity into each tab, via  the extension apps and underlying API integration of from the social network.  Also this mimics the advantage that blackberry had when it brought email, voice and texting into a single mobile device.  In some way Jive are jumping ahead of their competition with this browser extension release.

There are a couple of things I would like to see evolve in this extension:

  • multi-community support – in the same way that some twitter extensions support multiple twitter, it would be useful to use the tools for different communities and contexts.
  • better support of SSO | Identity federation – I don’t see it supporting common enterprise security configurations in its current state.
  • mobile browser | app support –  many people will browse the web on smart phones or tablets, and they will need this extension in those devices contexts as well.

Download and Install Jive Anywhere from >> here 

What do you think?  Have you tried this yet?


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My view of the Jive NewWayTour – London, 24th May

I attended the Jive NewWayTour in London yesterday.  The event was put on with Logica, hosted by Chris Morace (Senior Vice President of Business Development, Jive) and had a keynote customer presentation from BUPA‘s Nick Crawford (Head of Group Internal Communications, Group Marketing), talking about their implementation of Jive for their 52K global employee base.

Key Points from the Jive Key Note:

Early adoption days are over.  Gartner MQ for social software is 5 years old. Jive is a  MQ Leader in everyone  – Social Software for Workforce, Social CRM, and External Social communities.

Key use cases:

T-Mobile – use Jive inside and outside the firewall.  Prior to public launch of “MyTouch slide” – smart phone.

Estimated $100 Million saving from using ‘internal’ launch to key employees and tracking issues in Jive and then learned from that to serve their customers better and faster.

Newscorp – 50K global co. WSJ, Fox News, Avatar, Glee etc.

Using social software since 2008, know what social software can or can’t do.   Trying to create a sense of ‘family’ in the company, that is globally dispersed and representative of lots of different brands.  Running best practices courses and education for digital journalists through Jive.

Mattel – largest toy co in the world.  What’s their next big product? Idea source from 30 K employee. “Computer Engineer” Barbie – created big external buzz after internal idea sourcing.  Success achieved on ‘no extra’ money – it’s a new way of doing things.

Key Points from the BUPA Key Note:

About BUPA: 52k employees across 11 countries – healthcare leader and partner, extracting value and synergies by collaboration across their businesses. Grew by Acquisitions.

Why Jive: ( access, space to collaborate, news sharing, viral, iterative and vendor supported, management and reporting, searchable, multi-lingual, web 2.0, budget)

BUPA and #jivesoftware  on Twitpic

(photo credit: John Schwiller)

How Delivered :

Group IT, Comms and HR collaborated on the platform in soft launch phase to deliver the platform for corporate launch.

Launched and positioned as “BupaLive” – your job, Facebook – your social life, Linkedin – your career

Challenges and fears – dispelling a few myths:

Fear vs Time  >> fear of a lot things at start, decreased over time.

  • facebook in the work place | productivity will decrease <> treat people as grown ups
  • internal comms will lose control of the message <> need to adapt and change role and coach leaders | don’t lose control of message
  • won’t be able to handle the volume or type of feedback <> can see what the conversation or feedback and respond to it
  • it’s a young person’s game <> not really relevant lots of  engagement across all ages
  • business units don’t have the resources <> not true Group comms (now grown to 3 people) smaller at launch & Jive has improved comms and productivity.
  • how much will it cost <> still in budget | low level of customisation keep service easily iterated by vendor.
  • management will lose control | why do they worry? (ineffective managers?) <> most engaged employees are active on the platform (leaders of the future)
  • it’s not secure in the web | structured approach and sign up <> monitoring and educating, treating people as sensible and able to use common sense.
  • can’t calculate the ROI <> see Business benefits below…

Adoption and use:

Corp comms, driving viral use, used competitions, e.g. introduce a friend and win an ipad etc.

Only 16K employees have PC and laptops, some people no device or email address | care homes | activity coordinators … doing things in their own time, logging in from home.

Employee engagement analysis showed better and score higher with users of bupa live

Users growth linear 2010 = 5k,  2011 = 11K – worked through each business group.

Created collaboration groups over 1800

Users and leaders – chicken and egg (bottom up and top down)

Viral video “get moving” global challenge

BUPA Mobile app dev – passionate and involvement – 16 weeks planned, delivered in 8 weeks

Internal crowdsourcing – “top tips questions” – ” joint venture information” – all supplied  by  SME’s  from other  business units than question source.

Group conference site – loaded all presentations and videos for main corporate conference for larger engagement and dicussion

Business benefits/Engagement/ROI:

10% estimate £190K saving (700 users questioned |at year 1)

Telesales increased by 2% because of collaboration in Jive

Mobile app dev – IPhone app – £20K saved

What’s next:

big brainstorm | vip leaders group | more functionality in Jive 5 etc.

There were also options the following tracks after the keynotes.

  • The New Way for Business Leaders
  • The New Way for Technology Leaders
  • Jive 5 Overview for Customers

I attended the Jive 5 overview, in which there were about 60 participants in the room.

Here’s a list of companies represented at the Jive 5 Overview stream (and where possible their activities with Jive)

Cancer research uk – patient care external use
Cisco – external use
Danone – external and internal use
British Sugar – internal use
BP – internal use
Deutsche Bank – not yet customer but very keen to explore
BUPA – internal use
Thomson Reuters – internal|external uses
Infosys – internal use and partner

Logica – internal use and partner
Serco – internal use
Dachis group – internal use and partner
National History Museum – internal|external use

About Jive 5:

Apart from revamping the UI for focus on activity streams, and a comprehensive mobile device support via HTML 5. Jive have been a number key acquisitions to cement their leadership in the social business arena.

Proximal Labs : To enable social graph analytics and recommendations.  Giving more targeted content for the users and the Social Media & Sentiment Analytics application in the Jive Apps Market space.  A combination of real time search & analysis of big data sources (Twitter, Facebook), as well as inside the firewall to (Jive, CMS) etc.

Offisync : To provide more fully feature Microsoft Office integration – to allow better value extraction for customers from both MS Office and Jive.

The Jive app marketplace is also a key part of version 5, enabling lots of service providers and vendors to provide tighter integration and surface their application functionality inside Jive.

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