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1st Day of Enterprise 2.0, Boston, June 2008

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This is a quick summary of my thoughts on the 1st day of Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, June 2008

Morning Key Notes:

Fedex – Rob Carter CIO:

Discussed the value in networks and connectedness, a digital network must be connected, interoperable with and overlay your physical network. 

Demo’d Fedex Adobe Air client.  Discussed importance of community participation through Facebook for example.

CIA – Intellipedia Wiki:

Discussed the evolution of wiki platform with intelligence community.  It’s replaced powerpoint, become part of core of collaborative tools available.  Discussed best practices for user adoption and rollout – e.g. no anonymous access or edits or comments. 

Google App’s & Cloud & Enterprise 2.0:

Discussed the cloud and consumer space as the next platform and place for innovation in web2.0 and future technologies. 

  • Consumer space is and will be the proving ground for enterprise 2.0 software and applications
  • Google think the cloud will be the de facto platform for Enterprise & Web 2.0 in the future
  • Struggle and challenge of coping with the explosion of digital media, Google has projected storage costs of GMail to be $0 per user!
  • Barriers to cloud use are reducing: connectivity, UI, reliability, security (consider level of laptop theft)

Users of cloud app’s, buy into the potential of dynamically evolving applications not the just the current feature set.

AIIM – State of Enterprise 2.0:

Discussed penetration and understanding of Web2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 concepts and potential within the industry (relating AIIM Enterprise 2.0 report).  Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 is a mindset and not a function of the participants age, a baby boomer can use Web 2.0 tech, and a digital native can be subverted by corporate culture back to tradition communication techniques.

SocialText – Ross Mayfield – Address:

Discussed the need to allow the evolution of tools from the bottom up.  Need to move the conversation from the tool set to the solution capability.  Redesign processes by embedding transparency and participation.

Afternoon sessions:

Enterprise RSS:

Managed  RSS services provide: analytics, feed routing, premium news feeds/secure credential management. Relevancy analytics Process integration, content injection into application.  RSS is foundational core of other collaboration platforms and application to exploit.

RSS feeds find their way into tray alerts, contextual “toast”.  Click read, acknowledge reading therefore personal accountability.

Timeliness of information.

Atom protocol is a more flexible and advanced standard compared to RSS.

The Value of Blogging In Business:

No slides in session, just introductions and discussions.

Who is your audience?

    • Personal record and content note space, communities of interest, ego-pleasing, channel for communication to commercial or partner opportunities

What is the value of blogging?

    • Brings discipline in distilling the knowledge
    • Transparency and accessibility – builds trust and reputation
    • Fuels engagement and conversation inside and outside
    • Blogs can be searched, indexed and more compliant friendly than other traditional silos

“Magic Bullet” for budget conscious CIO’s – observe how their competition is using social media to drive forward their business, source innovation, build on their opportunity base.

Web 2.0 and the New Ethos of Work – Stowe Boyd:

Discussed and describe the evolution of the culture clash and tension between the core/centralised processes and edge driven collaboration centred processes. Change from mass (published) media to social media, few to many, to many to many.

Evolution of personal use change >> workplace cultural change >> government policy change!

Need to change measurement from personal productivity to network productivity.  Don’t measure piece-meal, units and costs, but enablement, value creation and facilitation.

So that ends the sessions I attended.

The best thing of the day – Meeting People

The biggest challenge – talking about solutions not just tools, how to empower & involve the edge

Anything missing:  Identity/Data portability!


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My reflections on Gia’s post about Dixie Chicks and Innovation.

The Dixie Chicks can make people more innovative

First of all, great post Gia!

As you say the pain is in porting an update from one disconnected service to another disconnected service, whether it be avatars or connections/relationships – I find that painful too.

The pseudo connection/relationship import of contacts from email contacts lists; is another pain point for me. I guess email contact lists are relevant for those that have never used social media before; but once you start; the value of that contact list drops dramatically – so I hope they won’t be used for this too long. However, importing from social media is not great at the moment either; this needs working – a primary service would be great.

Re: enterprise – I agree there’s a lot of hard work to be done. I don’t know enough about this area, but clarity about your de facto directory and it’s hygiene are key starting points. Corporations could well spend a lot of time and money sorting that out; and with M&A’s around it can be very tricky.

What are your thoughts in the area of security and policy management? Surely people will want a tool that is proven yet flexible in area of security; so they can decide what is allowed to appear within the corporate environment.  Is SAML something we have all learn some more about?

I also think there’s a long journey/conversation ahead, between the conservatives and guardians (security, legal etc) and the collaborative folks to sort out how this will be achieved. I do think there is strong resistance to idea of external communities even having a pseudo presence inside that corporate fire wall.

On the public side, I look forward to the consolidation of services; we must reach a tipping point soon. Especially in the area of collaborative/social media. A key qualifier will remain the strength of content and frequency of participation. I know from my own experience of Facebook, in my generation (pro – 30’s), the activity drop is significant compared to the younger generation and compared to the novelty value 1st few weeks. It makes me think the collaborative geeks, are really more than a few steps ahead of the real world – how long or what’s needed to make them get in step?

Sorry if I’ve touch on a number of ideas, it seemed a good post to respond with these too.

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TwitNotes v1.0

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Thanks to Twitter I found out about this great plug-in for the Notes v8.x client.

Created by lekkim &

Here’s a print screen of my new sidebar.


It can also be found at

which is another integration point for the Twhirl twitter client; Twitpic allow you to post images URL links into twitter.

These are two great examples of extensible apis (Twitter/Twhirl/Twitpic & Notes/Eclipse/Twitter) being put to great use. As well demonstrating the value of social networks to deliver a tangible asset for the collaboration and productivity of its users.

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Why I like Twitter

A short post… this link to the Commoncraft show was brought to me via Twitter; and has been blogged many times already.

But I like what Commoncraft do, and I like Twitter; they explain it better than me.

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Impressive social calendar tool, and use of Qik

Unfortunately I don’t have a handset that can take advantage of the Qik service; but I am continued to be convinced the video format; either in blogs or micro-blogs is going to increase in prevalence.

Here’s an example from Rob Scoble, about a demonstration of social calendar tool that integrates with Twitter and Flickr.  The great thing about this tool is the way it links people and activities together via the contents of their Tweets!

I wish the WordPress support for embedded videos was more extensive!


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Starting out on Seesmic

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Came across this in Read/Write web [] the other day. Seesmic

So I thought I’d give it a go.  I’m guessing this is the next one up from Twitter – and they already working together. 

It’s updating my Twitter feeds too!


Here’s my debut cast (if it can be seen from the blogosphere – not sure about access/public restrictions)

Direct Link:

May be I’ll be seeing you there soon!

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Flocking to Flock


After seeing a couple of mentions of this via Twitter;  I am completely converted in a couple of minutes… haven’t even add  Flickr yet.

The screen shot shows the People sidebar – which keeps you up to date with your various social circles. 


I’m hooked now…

Looking forward to trying out feed reader, media sidebar etc.

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