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Using Windows Live

I know Graham has recently posted some comments on the effectiveness of portals.. , and I agree with his post.

“the failure of the portal was the inability of the portal to get people to information quickly. Rather than using portals, people preferred search”

To often I find myself wondering around corporate portals trying to find the content that is relevant to me.

However, I do use the portal for my personal stuff, it’s a free service and its from Microsoft. They are now beta testing a lot of the services and I’m very impressed.

Previously I had used a MSN as a homepage, and that served as a basic portal…


  • Email
  • Favorites
  • News

Not providing…

  • ease of use – every favorite link would open in the same window!
  • good themes

Now that has been replaced by and it looking to be a great combination of services.

I still get the essentials in one place

  • Clock – big so I see the time!
  • Email
  • Favorites
  • Weather
  • All sorts of stuff on the other pages
  • Contents moved and added on the fly

I also love the fact that the favorites widget, has a search function to it.

The type-ahead allows me to enter in a few key characters, a shortlist appears and I click the link, and that fires up in a new window – lovely!

But Best of all in my mind is the blog feeds.

I have several pages devoted to blog material, categorized in a sensible to the reader – ME!

  • They don’t clog up a RSS client
  • The “more” links use AJAX to expand the topics on the fly.
  • Images associated with the posts are there with the post titles.

Also as an Internet service, it available from any device I choose to access the Internet.


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New in 2007:- Joining the Bandwagon – using Windows Live Writer

After seeing numerous posts about this blogging tool, such as I’ve done the download and installed the beta of the tool too.

So far so good… it just looks so Apple?

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